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Tango is highly recommended for cancer patients

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Experts say that tango is an excellent physical activity for cancer patients.

"To avoid a sedentary lifestyle, it is recommended that cancer patients incorporate an aerobic activity to burn calories through physical effort", Dr. Guadalupe Pallotta , president of the Life Time Foundation and Consultant in Clinical Oncology at the Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires says. Dr. Pallotta, ex breast cancer patient, participates since 11 years ago,  of Tango classes at the health center.   Oncology ... and Tango.   The group was formed from the initiative of two pediatric oncologists, Eduardo Dibar and Monica Makiya , who developed this activity for six years. In the first stage, it was open to professionals from the hospital who after their working hours, learned and danced Tango in the area where the boys...

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Flavio, Tango in Bollywood

The Villa Carlos Paz theater season ended and Flavio Mendoza took the opportunity to take a vacation. In India, besides visiting the Taj Mahal, he was recognized as Ambassador of Art of Argentina and met with a major director and producer of Bollywood, the Mecca of Asian cinema, considering a co-production with them. In June, he will realease Stravaganza Tango Theatre on Broadway.

Tango-humor at the Institute Magnasco

On Saturday March 22, at 9 PM, in the Hall of Magnasco Institute (Camila Nievas 78) the spectacle of Luis Luján TANGOS ANTROPOLOGICOS Y OTRAS CONSECUENCIAS DEL GÉNERO (Antrhropological Tangos and other consequences of the gender) will be presented. Luis Lujan on guitar and voice and Jorge Reverditto on flutes and choir, provide a different perspective on the tragedy of aging tango and its protagonists. Guest Dancers: Ingrid Iregui and Felix Bon.

Set Design: Sonia Lujan. Sponsors: Dirección Municipal de Cultura. It will not be suspended because of rain.

Tango Library

Last December, remembering the birthdays of Carlos Gardel and Julio de Caro, on the International Day of Tango, it was inaugurated in Montevideo the National Tango Library Boris Puga, the first initiative of its kind in Uruguay, honoring  one of the most prominent collector and researcher of this genre. The library works in the Museum and Documentation Centre AGADU, from Monday to Friday between 4 and 7 PM. All books are freely available to the public without membership or formality work.

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Tango comes from the vulgar and the forbidden

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Apparently the tango was born between 1850 and 1890; ie the mid-nineteenth century.

This important cultural genre wasmade up in the slums of Rio de la Plata and through the years was permeating the society, to the point of transcending and evolve culturally to the present. The Tango was originated in the port of Buenos Aires and it spread to some traditional southern neighborhoods, such as Pompeya, San Telmo, Monserrat, to name the most emblematic of the era. And from those neighborhoods comes the "suburban tango”  common, marginal, where men and women danced it strongly embraced, exuding passion and lust ; to the extent that society  and the same church condemned this practice in his time regarded as a vulgarity that incited scandal. Therefore, those who refused to leave the dance, practiced it clandestinely,...

Gardel inthe cinema

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Carlos Gardel had a strong presence in the national cinema with films that defined an era.

Tango Bar:  Carlos Gardel and Rosita Moreno dance
Tango Bar: Carlos Gardel and Rosita Moreno dance | Enlarge Image

The Zorzal Criollo, our Carlos Gardel, had a strong presence in national cinema of his times. His musical talents and his appearance marked an unforgettable presence in films like "Canta el Zorzal" (1930), Las Luces de Buenos Aires (1931), Melodía de Arrabal (1933), Cuesta Abajo (1934) , Tango Bar (1935), El Día que me Quieras (1935) y El Tango en Brodway (1935)  A photographic walk through scenes of some of his films.

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Apparently the tango was born between 1850 and 1890; ie the mid-nineteenth century.

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Eterna Cadencia

By the end of the year 2005, the openign of this bookstore gave to the Hondura street a literary touch among all the gastronomic premises and TV producers companies.

Modern Tango, non-electronic

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Last Tuesday, the band presented their album with own songs, "Escape", in Buenos Aires. It played at the Glastonbury Festival , for rockers, and toured Europe for all age groups.

By Eduardo Slusarczuk   With a trio at the beginning, and then as a quintet, since its formation in 2004 , Violentango established a kind of routine that resulted in nearly an album a year until 2009 . So the decision to produce an album with their material marked the end of that consistency. And the beginning of a composition work paid off in the middle of this year, with the release of Escape, their fifth album, presented today at 9 PM, at CAFF (Bustamante 764).   "Going from making albums with 70 percent cover versions to one with our music made ​​us wonder what would happen if we went wrong. We asked ourselves if people would not like our music we would have to keep playing forever La Cumparsita “, Adrian...

Where to Go

Let´s dance Sin Gomina (without hair gel)

A new milonga opens next Friday, November 9th at Chile Street 1351. From its...

La Ventana. Tango neighborhood

Dinner, Tango, Show's.


National Academy of Tango.

Created on June 28, 1990. In the same building you can find the National Museum...

Experimental Club of Art Tango

With wooden floor and relaxed atmosphere, the club offers another way of feeling...

Club Sin Rumbo. (without a course...

Emblematic Milonga of the southwest also offers tango classes.

The day Spain discovered Tango

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On December 10th, 1923 Carlos Gardel, in duet with José Razzano and accompanied by his faithful guitarist José Ricardo and Guillermo Barbieri, made their first European debut at the Apollo Theater in Madrid. By Dimitri Papanikas for

On December 10th , 1923 Carlos Gardel, in duet with José Razzano and accompanied by his faithful guitarist José Ricardo and Guillermo Barbieri, made their first European debut at the Apollo Theater in Madrid when setting to music Barranca abajo,  Uruguayan play written by the playwright Florencio Sánchez staged by the Compañia Rivera - De Rosas. Among the audience of those nights,almost 90 years ago, could be found , among others , Queen Victoria Eugenia and even the Infanta Isabel de Borbón. Later, the plays continued in the old Theatre Price de Madrid. It was 1924 and for the first time Spain was discovering Tango music. In the following years Gardel turned twice to Spain: in 1925 , to sing at the...


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Borda, Lidia.

"The Orillera" is considered one of the best performer of tango, for having mixed tradition and originality. Lidia Borda and a brilliant proposal: Manzi,...
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