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News Briefs

‘Complicidades, Tango & Flamenco’ in TarraTangueando

TarraTangueando presents the play ‘Complicidades, Tango & Flamenco’ within the framework of the Festival on Saturday, August 2nd at 9 PM at the Teatre Metropol in Tarragona.

'Complicidades,Tango & Flamenco…' is a story that develops from the use of traditional tangos performed live by two of the best musicians in the current tango: César Angeleri y Marcelo Mercadante. The voice of the singer 'La Carbonera' brings to the development of this complicity, which from the sound and movement creates a deep communication.

The excellence and ductility of the dancer Amador Rojas and the passion of international Pilar Alvarez and Claudio Hoffmann, thrill and seduce with the plasticity of their movements.

Covered by the sensuality of tango and flamenco, in a traditional format, extend the boundaries of both. A moving work.


Location: Teatre Metropol, Tarragona; August 2, 2014, 9 PM.

A day like today

June 16th, 1973: CARLOS ROLDÁN died (Carlos Belarmino Porcal). Singer. In its first stage in Montevideo he was presented as Carlos Porcal. In Buenos Aires he acquired the nickname that made him famous. In 1940, he sang with Roberto Firpo. The following year he joined the orchestra of Francisco Canaro where he earned notoriety. At the end of his career (1956)he sang with Miguel Calo.

Multidisciplinary Lounge: "Sentí el Tango" organized by "Imaginario" and "Gisel Duran"

The Hall "Sentí el Tango" will be displayed in parallel within the activities of the Festival de Tango del Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires which is sponsored by the Arts District. The theme of the works must be submitted to the TANGO dance, its figures, its dancers, its music, its poetry, its environment (bars, milongas, etc.) As well as the "landscape" surrounding the TANGO: the Buenos Aires, La Boca, the steak, Gardel. Disciplines: Painting, Printing, Sculpture, Photography, Object, Glass, Ceramic, Mosaic, Digital Art, Textile Art, Mixed Media, etc..

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Castillo, Alberto.

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The voice of the tango with the most popular accent.

Alberto Castillo
Alberto Castillo | Enlarge Image

He was born in 1914 as Alberto Salvador de Luca and he became the voice of the tango with the most popular accent. He studied and became a doctor, but he never stopped his activities as a singer of tangos. With an unique and personal style he made several tours abroad and filmed several movies in which he was the main protagonist. He was known as "El Cantor de los Cien Barrios Porteños" (The singer of a hundred neighborhoods of Buenos Aires). In the early twenty-first century, he was declared Illustrious Citizen of Buenos AiresHe died on July 23, 2002.

Old Pictures of Buenos Aires.

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Buenos Aires in times of yesteryear, had a profile of village, and these photographic material is to remember it.

Inmigrantes españoles comiendo en la cubierta antes de descender - 1910
Inmigrantes españoles comiendo en la cubierta antes de descender - 1910 | Enlarge Image

Photographic records allow us to compare it with the present city and so appreciate the enormous transformations that Buenos Aires had in the twentieth century.

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Featured Tangotravel

TangoTravel. | Eterna Cadencia -

Eterna Cadencia

By the end of the year 2005, the openign of this bookstore gave to the Hondura street a literary touch among all the gastronomic premises and TV producers companies.


Pichuco, a documentary about Anibal Troilo is presented at the Bafici

"Pichuco", a documentary by Martin Turnes on the work of the famous bandoneon player Aníbal Troilo, will be presented on Sunday in the Panorama Música section del 16to. Bafici, in the year in which we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of tha
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Homage to Quinquela.

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A reminder for the colours' and identitties' icon of La Boca: Benito Quinquela Martin. One of the most beloved of our painters and the most representative of the cultural fusion.

Descarga del Horno - Benito Quinquela Martín
Descarga del Horno - Benito Quinquela Martín | Enlarge Image

Benito Quinquela Martin is the most representative painter of the national art born of the "melting pot" of Argentine races, who trasmitted his colors to the popular urban culture. Born in the neighborhood of La Boca in Buenos Aires on March 1, 1890, and his first habitat was the Expositos' House, where he was left there with a simple note saying, "This child has been named Benito Juan Martín ". His adoptive father, Chinchella, was an Italian worker dedicated to the coal at the port, a theme which inspired various works of art. He was a painter of social commitment, follower of neo-realism movement in art, and among his most notable works are: "Puente de la Boca", "Tormenta en el astillero", "Despues del temporal", "Carnaval...

Where to Go

"Buenos Aires of the 40s"

"On this Easter, Tango is present".

La Ventana. Tango neighborhood

Dinner, Tango, Show's.


The World Tango Festival and Championship 2014 will be held from August 13th to...


National Academy of Tango.

Created on June 28, 1990. In the same building you can find the National Museum...

Experimental Club of Art Tango

With wooden floor and relaxed atmosphere, the club offers another way of feeling...

Club Sin Rumbo. (without a course...

Emblematic Milonga of the southwest also offers tango classes.

The Mythical Dressing room of Julio Sosa

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The "Man of Tango" debuted in a bar of the neighbourhood of Chacarita at the age of 23. And he even slept there.

He arrived in Buenos Aires as most immigrants: in one hand, a small suitcase full of dreams; in his pockets, four dollars. It was the June 15, 1949 and he was only 23 years old. Ten years earlier he had sung in public for the first time in an amateur contest. Then, he did it also in Las Piedras (his town) at a Café in Montevideo and he had even recorded five songs with the orchestra of Luis Caruso. But he aimed higher. Then, with the psychic and economic push he received from his friends, crossed the river, landed in the city as Julio María Sosa Venturini and with his presence and voice became an idol called Julio Sosa.   In this first stage there were more thorns than roses. However, luck was on his side. First, a friend...


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Berta Nelly Vazquez,

She started as lyrical singer, and in 1959 she joined the tango. She was accompanied by first-class orchestras, such as those of Aníbal Troilo, Eduardo...
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