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TangoBA: Pure Piazzolla – Exclusive interviews to Laura Escalada, Daniel and Pipi Piazzolla

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Celebrating Piazzolla’s Year, Tango Festival began with his tributes with his son Daniel , and his grandson Pipi, playing again the scores of the Octeto Electrónico.

As part of the Tango Festival of Buenos Aires,  on Wednesday night it was presented  Piazzolla Electronico, a recreation of the famous Astor Electronic Octet, led by his grandson Pipi Piazzolla.

 But the night had an impressive gathering, because after many years of not appearing on stage, joined the group to play Daniel Piazzolla (Astor's son and Pippi´s father), playing again those scores written for this group.

  Laura Escalada de Piazzolla, who was in the room, was moved and hugged Daniel and Pipi and congratulated all the musicians, especially Lautaro Greco, who had the hardest place: playing the bandoneon, and Nicolas Guerschberg, who performed the transcription and some arrangements for Piazzolla's Four Seasons.


 The most important phrases of this interview could be watched in our video.

 "It was very shocking to see Daniel and  Pipi  playing, it is a life lesson they give you, is wonderful"

 “ I always remember Astor, at home I have a picture that nobody has,  where he is serious, with a very special look and I talk to him, I tell him: do not scold me I did it well, you do not have to scold me – I think that with that look he is telling me "do things right".

 He is a man that you not only remember for his music, but also because his presence was very important, and his love.

 "He would be so proud right now, and he could be here, but I always say that he is and he is happy.  And I am happy this show with photos of his life and his history is being done".



 The best moments of this interview with Father and Son, with all Piazzolla  style:


 "I want to thank my son who took me out of the cave, I live in Villa La Angostura, on a mountain, he bought new clothes, bathed me and gave me enormous pleasure playing with him"

 "I felt the same emotion when Pipi led that when my father directed and the same fear of being wrong and the same respect"

 "Astor looked at the musicians who were wrong, he never looked at me, for the fear I had. The first thing Astor told me was- you are going to play with me, you can not be wrong because you are my son "

 "In Argentina there is no diffusion of Piazzolla, he is not on the radio, here all you listen to is another kind of music. I put in my car his albums and I grab an impressive fever "


"My grandfather´s music is an incredible music, and I think we have to look around for each one do own versions, because it is impossible to repeat what he did. He always left the door opened to experimentation and I think the key is out there, look for new sounds, if not, you will be always compare".

"This group debuted today, they are musicians who know each other very well, and it is a great pleasure to be with them"

"We found an original of my grandfather, Verano Porteño, the version he played at the Colón with the group 9. It was a huge happiness to be able to play this version "

Gabriel Soria

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